Are you interested in the world around you? Have you ever asked yourself: how does this work? Everything in our surroundings has a scientific explanation, from living organisms to non-living matter, machines and substances. In our science classes, we will explore several questions about chemistry, biology, and physics. We will be applying all concepts to real-life to see them in action.

In our junior-level science classes, students will be introduced to the internal functions of plants and animals and how they interact in the environment. Additionally, they will explore forces and how they can be used to build structures and machines and how they can be applied to energy. They will also dive into the depths of the earth; fly to the far end of the universe to discover characteristics of natural substances: soil, rocks, and minerals, as well as characteristics of outer space. Finally, during the chemistry units, students will learn about matter's different states and properties - specifically, how various factors can change matter and how matter is used.

During intermediate-level science classes, we will cover topics such as cell function, where students will discover the structure and function of organelles alongside learning about cell transport. The unit covering properties of fluids will reveal concepts such as viscosity and buoyancy. At the same time, the topic of environmental interactions will dig into questions all about the atmosphere.

All units will be accompanied by interactive activities, so make sure to be close to the kitchen to grab any necessary materials! If your favourite word is "why?", these classes are for you!