French, being Canada's second official language, is widely used amongst individuals in the country. Giving your child the chance to learn French can lead to future opportunities, both in Canada and around the globe. Imagine travelling the world and understanding this excellent language! Unfortunately, without dedicated practice, it can be challenging for French learners to start up and maintain a conversation in French, develop a sense of vocabulary through reading and understanding, and express oneself through writing while following proper grammatical structures.

Our French courses are an excellent start for students to gain confidence while immersing themselves in this language. Our students will engage in numerous writing practices; collective readings; French classics, including Le Petit Prince and Les Malheurs de Sophie; all while enhancing vocabulary. We will teach students to organize ideas, use proper terminology, and follow grammatical rules while conveying various topics through written pieces. We will conduct readings every class and orally discuss the main themes, characters, and lessons.

During our instruction, we focus on each aspect through exciting activities and pre-made presentations. We provide exercises and small-group practices when a topic is covered to ensure that the material is adequately understood. We have small discussions to make sure each student gains knowledge. We offer additional private classes if more help is needed. Our curriculum contains interactive lessons that ensure student participation, goal achievement, and enjoyment! Join us today, and watch your child succeed!