Reading Club
Does your child like to read, or would you like it if they read more? This class is for 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students who are reading. Reading Club is a fantastic group for advanced readers or anyone looking for more confidence and practice. This is no ordinary book club! Join us for a fun and exciting time where we gather every week to read, learn new vocabulary, review various sentence structures, and discuss the book.

This class seeks to engage students in meaningful discussion of books and touch upon literary techniques such as symbolism, omen, tone, and voice. We will read classic books that have been selected to foster deep and engaging thinking. Our goal is to instill a love for books and reading in each of our students. This class is an opportunity for students to practice their reading skills and assist them with pronunciation, use of contextual cues to understand unfamiliar words, reading fluency, and reinforcement of additional reading comprehension skills.

We use many open-ended questions to help students become more critical of their reading. Although we will be reading together in class, students will be required to read some books at home. Join our reading club to be a part of a community that values literature and learning!