By popular request, Bee One Smartie is proud to introduce a new class this fall: World History! The study of history is essential for developing an awareness of how our world functions today. Moreover, it broadens the perspectives of those who study it. History is a discipline that has the power to inspire its students while also providing wisdom. Our history course will cover a wide range of time periods in places across the globe.

We will start off by studying early humans and then learning about ancient civilizations in various parts of the world. We'll cover the Middle Ages, Renaissance, revolutions, exploration and discovery, the two World Wars, the Cold War, and so much more! What was it like to live in Ancient Egypt? How did Genghis Khan affect Asia? Who was the Liberator of Latin America? What were the events leading up to World War 1? These are just some of the questions we will examine in the class!

As we work through the course, the students will develop timelines of events and identify notable people who shaped these events. We will have readings, videos, exercises, and discussions to solidify each topic's details. Let your child get lost in the captivating stories of our history as we travel through time with this comprehensive course. We'll explore Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa - moving worldwide, from continent to continent.

The class will encourage participation and discussion as we reflect on past events that have shaped our lives today. Join us this fall if you want your child to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of culture and society!